Dr Kyla Dillard:

I grew up in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas.  My family lived in Bumblebee, Arkansas, under the shadow of Pigeon Roost Mountain, when I was born. 

There’s no town, it’s just a country road off the two lane highway, US70. Highways were the only paved roads in the area.
My daddy completed the sixth grade and my mama completed the eighth grade; so they were fairly well educated for the area. 

Through ambition, intelligence, and hard work, Daddy built a successful construction company; after picking cotton and digging ditches turned out not to be fun at all.

Dillard Construction Company built houses, schools, and even a small hospital. Every building that Daddy built, is still standing.
By profession, I am a companion animal veterinarian.  I retired from practice in 2016, after a career-ending injury.

Now spend my days devising clear, concise, marketing strategies and campaigns, and working with my team of coaches to streamline and systematize businesses so the owners not only double or triple their profits, they get their lives back.
Like most business owners, I had no formal education in business practices.  Over a decade, I spent over $350,000 learning from the best in the world, including: Tony Robbins, Keith Cunningham, Brendon Burchard, Damian Boudreaux, Karl Bryan, Joel Bauer, and my home boy, Frank Kern. 
I volunteered and went on the road with Tony Robbins for 10 years, first as a crew member and then as a member of the Senior Leadership team.  For 5 years, I attended every Tony event in North America, except for 2 in Vancouver, Canada.

I volunteered for Tony in Australia and Bali, Indonesia, as well.

Volunteering for Tony led to my friendships with Keith Cunningham, Damian Boudreaux, Karl Bryan, and Frank Kern, all of whom have been able to teach me decades of smart business practices, in a fraction of the time.
Looking back, I see that I left millions of dollars on the table as a business owner.  Daddy left tens of millions on the table.

Daddy closed down his construction company when he got cancer. He died relatively poor, because; although, he could build anything, he didn’t have a clue how to run a business.

My mission now is to help small business owners maximize profits and grow the worth of their businesses so they have real financial freedom.  In doing so, I also generate the income for a dream life for my own family.

I’ve walked on six continents and two ‘nesias.  North America, South America, Asia, Australia, Europe, and Antarctica, as well as Micronesia and Indonesia.  The only continent that I haven’t walked on yet, is Africa.
It’s a long way from Bumblebee to Fiji. — Kyla

Joy Curry:

Joy joined the US Navy in 1998 as a MS Specialist. She was a cook and her superior officers were impressed by her work ethic and determination to be the best.

She received 2 Navy Achievement Medals during her 4 years in the service.
Joy then joined her brother at Re/max Professionals and started selling homes. She enjoyed an 9 year career helping 550 families find and move into their dream homes in Gainesville, FL.

Her team was ranked #1 in home sales for 4 years in a row. Joy personally sold 550 homes in 9 years. The average realtor sells 8 homes per year. Joy averaged selling 60 homes per year.

She is also a mortgage consultant and through her strategic thinking was able to close transactions that many thought impossible.
After attending and crewing Tony Robbins events; Joy joined the Tony Robbins Platinum Partnership and developed a dream of traveling the world for a year. I met Joy when she was crewing an event.
Joy then followed her dream, traveled the world for a year, then moved to India and started an online business doing research and data management for large companies.

Living in India for 8 years gave her a deep understanding of how people in third world countries really think. This knowledge allows her to easily run a team of Virtual Assistants from anywhere in the world. That is her superpower.

Joy is always a student and an avid reader. She is well versed in small business practices and effective management of small teams.

Joy moved back to Florida with her young son, and now is helping small business owners change their lives and make more money.

Not being tied to a physical location, has allowed her to world school her son. They have lived in India, Thailand, Colombia, and Florida.


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